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      Lavochkin La7

      RCME Review

      la7 rcme coverThe July 03 RCME featured the Warbird Replicas Lavochkin La7, not only was the kit extremely well received, but this was the second Warbird Replicas kit built by Kevin Acres to make the front cover!

      To download the full review, go to the Lavochkin La7 in the kits section where you can download the full review as a pdf.

      One of our best selling kits, this model goes from strength to strength. Continual kit development now makes it one of the easiest and quickest kits in the range, and an ideal introduction into the world of Warbird Replicas.


This is the warbird that everyone should fly, tough, rugged and oozing presence in the air. From convincing warbird maneuvers to loose formation flying, the La7 will not disappoint!!

      Glue-it Review by Nic Beavins

      A no-nonsense review, demonstrating the La7s straight forward construction techniques.