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      The great cover-up

      For a tough, cost effective covering that paints beautifully and is reasonably simple to do, we suggest the brown paper method, cheap and thin paper is best, about the consistency of christmas wrapping.

      Cut each panel oversize, and coat the matt side with PVA glue. Let the paper 'grow" for about 30 seconds and then lay it on the surface to be covered, smoothing with your hands. Using a medium hot iron, iron from the centre out towards the edges. As PVA is heat reactive, this step of the process is a lot like film covering. You will find it will go round quite convex shapes. Continue until all the surfaces are covered.

      Allow 12 hours to dry then give it a coat of diluted non-shrinking dope [dilute with 30% cellulose thinners] followed by a light sanding with flour grade wet and dry.

      Hints & tips
      Dilute the PVA glue by about 10-15% with water