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Customer Name Delivery Speed Quality Value Overall Rating Date
Gary, Brough81010928 July  2019
ian, Newcastle upon Tyne28771 April  2019
glen, rotherham777829 December  2018
S, Belper999109 December  2018
paul, ELLESMERE PORT597826 November  2018
Elvin, Chesapeake777711 October  2018
Juha, Helsinki997914 July  2018
Michael, Gravesend101091028 June  2018
JOANNE, Wakefield9981027 June  2018
David, Milton Keynes999108 June  2018
john, belfast9991022 April  2018
COLIN, GLOUCESTER99101020 March  2018
Brian, Didcot1010101017 March  2018
daniel, tonbridge99998 March  2018
mike, Gunnislake910101029 December  2017
Claire, Rochester76686 December  2017
TREVOR, EXETER101010101 December  2017
steve, Stourbridge1010101029 July  2017
Quite simply and without doubt the most friendly and accommodating company in the UK.
malcolm, cumbernauld775729 May  2017
Martin, Hereford998922 May  2017
Good quality kit and service
Peter, Amstelveen887826 April  2017
Martin, telford1010101024 April  2017
I spoke with Richard directly and found him knowledgable and very helpful,this kit came highly reccomended by fellow modelers Martin
david, kirkcaldy9981011 April  2017
Willis, Healdsburg10108105 April  2017
David, Mold91081029 March  2017
Philip, Sheffield91091026 March  2017
Bjørn, Skedsmokorset899926 March  2017
Richard, Brecon1010101022 January  2017
William, Dunfermline787821 January  2017
David, Rickmansworth91010103 January  2017
PR, London1010101030 December  2016
Colin, Sutton Coldfield1010101015 December  2016
PETER, stockport9991014 December  2016
la 7 , smashing plane and great service, I wanted a larger model, but no longer available
Karen, Preston998106 December  2016
Anders, Ludvika997830 November  2016
stephen, cardiff1010101021 November  2016
Sigurd, Fagerstrand887819 November  2016
Tim, Louisville9971013 November  2016
Shaun, Maldon99998 November  2016
David, Amsterdam10991031 October  2016
Robert, Stockport9991027 October  2016
john, VIC9991017 September  2016
Aron, Aylesbury998921 July  2016
ron, South Lopham9991026 May  2016
Kresimir, Boston101010105 April  2016
Shaun, Seaford888818 January  2016
barry, West Wickham1010101026 November  2015
ROGER, CHIPPENHAM9991020 November  2015
michael, Retford9910106 November  2015
antony, ross on wye1010101016 October  2015
Edward, London898914 October  2015
Philip, Neston710101013 October  2015
John, El Dorado Hills799108 October  2015
anthony, rotherham9108930 September  2015
Jan, Hønefoss10891020 September  2015
philip, Redcar87789 September  2015
Per, Stroemmen77778 September  2015
Brian, Nr Telford10881028 August  2015
Stephen, Derby999926 August  2015
david, Wigan88891 July  2015
richard o, Gräfelfing1010101025 June  2015
Barney, Pendeen1010101021 May  2015
Adrian, Chatteris999922 March  2015
David, Basingstoke101091019 March  2015
Dave, Rotorua109101012 March  2015
Donald, Christchurch1010101028 February  2015
adrian, Burton on trent992213 January  2015
Gordon, Billingham77583 January  2015
Robert, Winchester9910922 December  2014
Wayne, Bosom be bournemouth9991016 December  2014
Gordon, Crawley1010101014 December  2014
Michael, Frinton-on-Sea99995 December  2014
Michael, COVENTRY997927 November  2014
raymond, sittingbourne797914 November  2014
Tony, Rowville99797 April  2014
Victor, Spilimbergo71010107 April  2014
peter c, Littlehampton1010101023 March  2014
Louis, Pincourt9981031 January  2014
Paul, burnley997731 January  2014
Roger, Cramlington999827 January  2014
David, Craven Arms997920 January  2014
Ricccardo, Bologna876715 January  2014
Paul, North Bushey977831 October  2013
mr, stockton on tees898930 September  2013
Chris, Southampton10991015 September  2013
Paul, Upminster,97795 June  2013
Jason, Dagenham1077102 June  2013
Mark, Sidcup899101 June  2013
John, Penicuik1010101023 May  2013
Derek, Shaftesbury910101020 April  2013
Edward, Romford77778 April  2013
Michel, Aylmer777716 January  2013
Michele, Riva del Garda99654 January  2013
Christopher, Newport89891 December  2012
Erik, TÄBY710101023 October  2012
The quality of the parts and instructions in this kit is beyond everything I`ve seen before!
nigel, Shripney99998 October  2012
Great items and great service. Site saved in my favourites. Will spread the word on the flight-line. Many Thanks!!
mr barry, forres107677 October  2012
Daniel, Fredericton1087102 October  2012
I was amazed at how fast it was shipped. The whistle looks really good but I haven`t tried it yet. That`s the only reason I selected 7/10 for the product.
Paul, wigan9108107 March  2012
Martin, Gloucester999109 March  2011

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Overall service

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Air Whistle
I have the air whistle installed in five of my RC aircraft, three Spitfires and two P-51 Mustangs. Talk about the wow factor, everyone at the flying field have approached me to find out where they can buy this whistle. The problem now, I am no longer the only person at the field with unique sounding aircraft. Darn, darn, darn, I should not have told anyone where to purchase the air whistle...Lol.
Roger Schnare
star star star star star
Lavochkin La7 - Rapier of the Red Army
I have built richards new larger la7. I am presently flying this model and i must say she is awesome. The build was straightforward as the smaller version, but with a larger model easier. I covered her in brown paper which kept her light at 7 and 1/2 pounds finished weight. Powered by a SC91 four stroke she pulls round the sky great. Flying is easy she flys like she is on rails. Landings are easy, she does float on without tip stalling. I also fitted one of richards air whistles and wow what a great addition. She really sounds the part, she must be seen flying to appreciate her. Check out the youtube video here.

star star star star star
Supermarine Spitfire MkIX - The History
Top quality kit, only the second that I have ever built. I was so pleased with the nitro version that I built I bought a second one and converted it to brushless electric. A `clipped wing` type. Stunning flight characteristics and a joy to build. I also chose my own styling and detail for them.
star star star star star
Mustang P51D - Cadillac of the Skies
Quality kit with good materials, Richard was very helpful when I had a couple of senior moments during the construction! Taught myself some painting and weathering skills along the way as well. Great flyer and very rugged.
star star star star star
Mustang P51D - Cadillac of the Skies
Bought and built the P51 as my first non artf kit, alot easier than I expected to build and really enjoyed the whole experience. Much more rewarding than my usual artfs, especially as the retracts have stayed put, even after some very dodgy arrivals!
star star star star star
Supermarine Spitfire MkIX - The History
Although a relative newbie to building, I totally enjoyed all aspects of construction of the spit, particularly the chance to `make it my own`. Detailed instructions make things very straight forward and quick. Looks great in the air and flies superbly!!
D Risley
star star star star star

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